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Lawn & Garden Festival
Rijsbergen, NL


Background story

Bluesy pop rock with a symphonic touch. Genre-wise this would be a good way to describe Powerized. The Breda-based four piece put on a dynamic and highly diverse show with music to match. Claiming the musical middle ground between P!nk, Imagine Dragons, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Meat Loaf, Powerized has been touring extensively throughout Europe and the world from its inception in 2013.

Having played live shows from Amsterdam to Tokyo, Powerized plans to make things even more special by showing audiences worldwide a different side of themselves. Besides the completely overhauled amplified set, the band will set out on an intimate acoustic tour as well as a run of theater shows, which will see the most ambitious Powerized production to date come to life.

Through a wide range of atmospheres and emotions, Powerized takes audiences on a wild ride from lighthearted songs to epic symphonies, and from enthralling ballads to acoustic intermezzo’s. Add to this the lyrical depth and ability to tell stories the band is known for and you’ll get a live experience you don’t want to miss.

Powerized is the brainchild of Nick Holleman. This talented lead-singer and composer has seen the biggest stages in the world with internationally acclaimed acts as Vicious Rumors and Sinbreed. He is also known for his theater work, having been a part of the ”The War Of The Worlds” production in which he played the role of the Artilleryman and was part of the orchestra as a guitarist. Nick’s vocals are his absolute unique selling point. From soaring high notes to intricate bluesy melodies, he can handle it all with seeming ease. Nick’s vocal range has left audiences worldwide breathless and has been the driving force behind Powerized’s music and live shows since the very beginning.


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